Monday, November 21, 2011


This year for Halloween I let the boys choose what they wanted to be. As much as I would have loved to have everyone be some kind of athlete with Sylvie as their cheerleader, only Marshall wanted to be one. So there you have it. We had a ninja, Harry Potter, and a football player.

And ofcourse our cute little cheerleader which went well with Marshall's costume! :)

It was really hard to get a good picture of all of them but I did my best!!
We went to the pumkin patch...
...And carved pumpkins! Happy Halloween!!

Kason is 6!!

Kason is 6!! Kason is very into Harry Potter this year because of his older brother's avid interest in this series. Thus, it was a Harry Potter themed birthday party this year.

The hit of the party was the magic punch! I showed them the clear punch with dry ice for effect, but when put in the cup it magically turned color (food dye which they didn't know was in the cup) The kids LOVED it! I wish I could have captured the expression on some of their faces! They really thought it was magic!!
And we painted wands (chopsticks)...
And we had the Voltemort's brains which had a prize (a body part candy) if you were brave enough to did through those brains. Kason chose not to!! Lol! We also had a table full of candy gummy snakes, and gummy frogs, pop rocks, and skeletons. To top that off we had fingers for the main course which were little wieners!!

Of course there was yummy cake...

...which got all over this little princess's face!!
"Mom, not now I'm opening presents!" Kason couldn't wait to open presents this year and got to them before I could stop him. A little chaotic, but hey it's his birthday!!

He got many presents but probably the most memorable was the sought after pokemon book from Grandma and Grandpa. Happy Birthday sweet Kason!!


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Day of School

2nd Grader

MWF Preschooler
They were all very excited to start a new year. Things are going well getting off to school in the morning with our Pokemon card reward system! Nobody even looked back at me on the first day of school. They are getting sooo big,, sniffle, sniffle!!

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sylvie is 2!!

It's hard to believe my little princess is 2!! She is such a joy and a light in our lives. She brings sunshine with her wherever she goes. I am going to list some milestones and the most memorable things that she does at 2 so that we will never forget!!

1. She has an amazing vocabulary. She can say pretty much anything and people understand what she is saying. People think she is older than she is because of her vocabulary! I have to be careful what I say cause she picks things up very quickly. "Oh gosh" is something she says cause momma does all the time!!
2. Her favorite thing is her night night blankie. This is a white blanket that TJ's Grandma knitted her. If she doesn't have it, it is common for her to say "Kason I need night, night, get it now!! She loves it so much that parts are now torn to shreds! She also loves babies. She sings them lullabies and puts them in the crib Grandpa made and takes them with her wherever she goes! She also likes whatever her brothers really like at the time!
3. When she goes to sleep at night we sing her the everybody loves Sylvie song and if we miss someone she is sure to tell us the name and she will sing it with the right tune! She likes to sleep on the side of the crib nearest the door.
4. She has the most adorable growl you've ever seen. I will try to put it at the end of this post.
5. She has NOT been easy to potty train. She is a little stubborn. My boys were way easier which goes against what everyone says! But in my family, girls are harder!!
6. She is very sweet and tender. She loves to give kisses and hugs and says it while she does it.
7. She is the queen around our house. Everyone pretty much caters to her commands!
8. She loves princesses. She also loves to show everyone her pretty dress or hair after she gets ready for the day. "See soooo pretty."
9. She always asks where her brothers are and what they are doing. "Where is Kason", "Where is Marshall", "Where is Briggy?"
10. She climbs onto everything and reaches everywhere. She really keeps me on my toes! She likes to climb up the stairs of Marshall and Kason's bunk bed and jump into their arms. Scary! I put a stop to that one!!
11. She is the best sleeper ever made! She still sucks on those 2 fingers when she sleeps!
12. She can make jokes. When TJ came back from Chicago she kept saying "Daddy go Chicago on bus, noooo airplane"! Then she would laugh. It was adorable!!
13. One of her favorite things to do is color. She will go through every crayon and use each one for a half a second!!
14. She says "I want something to eat" when she's hungry as clear as a bell!
15. She calls daddy's facial hair spiders. She thinks his face is dirty because of this and cleans it off with her spit! Lol!!

For her 2nd birthday party we went to this amazing place called Rock the Tea with a few friends. Every little princesses dream!

This place was so much fun! Here she is getting prepped for a manicure.

Now the pedicure...
A little eye shadow...
Finding the perfect shoes and accessories...
They had a little fashion show which I will post at the end. It was hard to get a picture of all 4 girls cause my princess was a little run away!!

The cute tea table...
A sip of apple juice...

Mommy and her birthday girl...
On the day of her real birthday we had a little family get together. Here she is blowing out her #2 candle...
Mmm good!

Babbie and Grandpa got Sylvie her first princess fairy dress and she LOVES it!!
A little coloring..
Smooches for Grandpa!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

7 on the 7th!

You could say he got a little spoiled! He got soooo many awesome things for his birthday. Pokemon cards,


And then there was his party! He had a laser tag party with his buddies. It was a blast!
While waiting to play laser tag, TJ brought some quarters for everyone so they could conveniently play some arcade games while they were waiting!:)

After their first game they had a little pizza and....

...cake! This beautiful creation was made by Babbie. She made Pikachu from Pokemon just by looking at a picture. Amazing!
Here they are waiting to find out their scores. See the anticipation on their faces?
Make a wish!
Mom and her boy!
The Christiansen boys and Kason
I tried to get some shots inside the laser tag arena. They didn't turn out so great, but you get the idea!

Present time!!
The best present was waiting for him at home. Gregory got Marshall a FROG!! The history behind this gift choice was that one night after baseball Marshall was hanging out with Gregory and caught a frog!! Since we didn't have anywhere to keep it (It was huge) Gregory took it home. Unfortunately the frog hopped away (actually died, but we wanted to sugar coat it for the kids :)) Anyways, He decided to get Marshall a frog for his B-day. How thoughtful. He gave him this tank, already equipped with a filter, and rocks etc. He even had crickets to feed the frog and cricket food to feed the crickets!
What a good friend! Giving Marshall his first pet!
Here is the fire-bellied toad up-close and personal in Marshall's hand!

Happy Birthday Marshall! This guy had the best birthday yet.